How to Get GEICO Travel Insurance Quote Online?

How to Get GEICO Travel Insurance Quote Online?

GEICO provides you protection on problems we usually face when we are travelling worldwide. There are mainly two types of quotes available which helps you to protect your trip with this traveler’s insurance quote. This includes AIRCARE QUOTE for flight insurance protection and EXACTCARE QUOTE for all-in-one trip insurance protection. Now you can relief your stress and worries about travelling with affordable flight or trip insurance protection. GEICO can help you with planning vacation of a lifetime, flying home for holidays etc. Travel insurance can help you have peace of mind on your next trip or upcoming trips. They provide you travel insurance coverage with worldwide assistance with express and quality service. You can get travel insurance quote online at any time on official website of GEICO which helps you to get protected for your next adventure.

GEICO Travel Insurance Quote

GEICO AirCare Flight Insurance

This insurance policy allows you to protect your travel costs for a flight. This policy provides you affordable coverage for both international and domestic flights. Air care flight insurance has various benefits which includes providing emergency travel assistance for 24 hours in every seven days of week up to 365 days in year, In short whole year without any interruption. Here are some common coverage’s that are covered 

  • Airfares in case you miss your connection or in case flights are cancelled.
  • Personal items like delayed luggage or lost luggage.
  • Delays of flight in your departure (at the gate or on tarmac)
  • AirCare flight insurance may be what you are searching for this policy helps you planning with peace of mind.

GEICO ExactCare Travel Insurance

This insurance coverage helps you to cover more problems you usually can face while you are planning trip. They protect your flight and also other trip arrangement’s. ExtraCare insurance policy helps to solve unexpected problems, which usually can happen, and which are not in our control. These problems may be cancellations of flight or trip, interruptions and delays in plan or flights. It also includes unexpected medical expenses while travelling and protection for lost or stolen travel documents. ExactCare travel insurance policy provides all in one travel protection with friendly and family pricing and also provides worldwide emergency travel assistance which is available for 365 days 24×7.Some things like Action and team sports, cancellation because you changed your mind and travel to get medical care are not covered by travel insurance.

Difference Between Travel and Flight Insurance Policy of GEICO

The difference between these two aspects is simple as it is mentioned in name itself. Flight insurance policy covers only your flight or airfare. Besides this on other side travel insurance policy helps you to protect flight as well as other parts of the trip you are planning. You should know while planning your trip, that where you are going and what you will be doing, once you have idea about it then it will be easier to choose which policy would be best for your trip.

Is travel Insurance Necessary?

Yes. Whether it’s your flight being delayed or cancelled, there are many things that are out of your control in family emergency or other emergencies it may create problems. This may happen in your life and that’s how travel insurance helps you out of these problems. You can rest easy knowing you are covered while you are planning for something unexpected.

How to Get GEICO Travel Insurance Quote

Planning for travel overseas or anywhere you must be cover with the travel insurance. Following steps are helpful for you to get the travel insurance quote online from the official website of the GEICO

  • First of all, you have to visit GEICO official website
  • Then you have gone in menu bar, and you need to click on additional insurance where you will get sub option of travel insurance.
  • Next you need to choose AIRCARE QUOTE option it will direct you to Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection page where you need to click on “Get a QUOTE”.
  • In next step you need to choose or select destination of country where you need to travel.
  • On next page you need to enter your postal code to let them know where traveler from your city is, town etc
  • Then you need to select travel mode whether you are traveling by flight, cruise, automobile or other.
  • Then select number of flight segments you have.
  • After that check for departure date, first payment date selection.
  • Next fill traveler information like name, Email address, Age, Date of birth and trip cost
  • Then you can add travelers with you if you want to and their details.
  • After this you have to click on next option, and it will process your details and refer you best policy coverage for you and you can add them to your cart.

How to manage or claim for GEICO with Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection?

It is easy to manage your travel insurance by (BHTP) Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

You can visit official website of GEICO it will direct you or you can visit Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s website.

You can contact (844) 810-1598 to get more information or Email at

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