GEICO Renters Insurance Policy Quote

As we all know GEICO provides various insurance policies which includes Homeowners insurance policy too. But here is good news for all of you that GEICO also provides renters insurance policy which is very cheap, and it can cost as little as 12 dollars per month. GEICO provides your personal property calculator which helps to know and customize your renter insurance policy according to your needs and requirements. This will be much more helpful for you to check out how much you save with discounts offered by GEICO. You can also see how much you can save by combining your renters insurance with your GEICO auto insurance policy. Without renters insurance policy you may not have any protection for your personal belongings. You may not have any coverage for personal property damage or loss. You can get affordable renters insurance by GEICO by contacting at (800) 841-2964 or by visiting official website of GEICO.

GEICO Renters Insurance Policy Quote

What is Covered in GEICO Renters Insurance Policy?

Some of the people who are renters they think that they won’t require insurance at all. They think that their landlord already has insurance on building. But you should know that your landlord policy does not cover any of your personal property damage coverage’s. Following are which may cause in future which are covered by your GEICO renter insurance policy. Things which may happen like your apartment building burned down and caused damage to your personal property even if you are renter, thief entered into your house and stoles your personal things, A guest who visited you got injured by slipping in bathroom, The home you are living on rent suffered from water damage etc. While some of the people think that they don’t have enough property to insure in renters insurance policy. But they don’t think that GEICO renter insurance policy covers many things that you own that you can lose which includes following things.

  • Your personal clothing which have most of the chances of losing.
  • Your furniture which may be damaged or stolen.
  • A television which can be stolen or damaged and also other entertainment things like sound system etc.
  • Your personal computer or laptops, iPod which can be stolen or damaged.
  • Your musical or sports instruments which may get damaged or stolen by someone.
  • Your jewelry which may be gets stolen or broken.

How Much Renters Insurance Do You Need?

The easiest way to estimate value of your belongings is personal property calculator provided by GEICO which is cost calculator for this you have to visit

Here you have to just enter estimated cost of your belongings like furniture, appliances, home decorations, dishes or cookware, clothing, silverware, computers, electronics, Linens, CDs and DVDs, photographic equipment, fitness and sports equipment, outdoor equipment, tools, guns, jewelry, furs, others then you will automatically get sum of total of costs you entered.

You can get online renters insurance quote freely without any charges you just have to visit

How to apply for GECIO Renters insurance policy free quote?

By following some simple steps below you can get the GEICO Renters Insurance Policy Quote while filling the details in the form you need to consider above things which are very helpful to decide what cover exact you want. Let take a look on the points

  • First you have to go to official website of GEICO renters insurance policy that is
  • Then you have to enter ZIP code and click on START QUOTE option.
  • Then they will ask for your first and last name after that you have to click on next .
  • On next page they will ask you about your Date of Birth then you have to click on next after filling your birth date.
  • On next page they will ask about type of residence you live in whether it is apartment, duplex, four-plex, home town etc you have to mention it there. After that you have to click on next.
  • After that they will ask your detailed address like street address, Unit number which is optional, City after filling this click on next.
  • Then you have to check and verify your address in further stage and click on continue.
  • Then you have to mention about number of people living in your house. You have to answer in yes or no about your lease contract whether it requires all residents at the property to carry renters insurance. And click on next after completing. 
  • They will ask whether you have GEICO Auto policy just answer yes or no and click on next.
  • On next page they will ask you Email address of yours and click on I agree and continue option.
  • Then you will get your monthly payment information for your 12 month Assurant policy then you have to choose coverage start date according to your wish and click on continue.
  • Then they will ask if you had any property insurance claims or losses in past 3 years you have to answer in yes or no and click on next.
  • Further they will ask for any animal you have that is viscous or attack trained you have to answer in yes or no and click on next.
  • Further they will ask for your contact phone number.
  • On next page they will ask about whether your mailing address is same as your property address you have to answer in yes or no and click on next. If it is different you have to fill up with your mailing address.
  • Then you have to verify mailing address by checking your mailing address once before you go further.
  • They will ask about some additional policy information which depends on individual decisions whoever is taking or applying for the policy then you have to tick on confirmation of policy statement and click on agree and continue.
  • And hence further you will get your billing information.

You can also apply for quote or any other details related to GECIO renters insurance policy by visiting local GEICO agents nearby your location or you can contact to customer care service (800) 841-2964

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