GEICO Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy Quote and Details

A non-owner car insurance policy is also known as non-drivers’ insurance, in this policy they usually provide minimum coverage. This policy includes property damage and bodily injuries liability coverage when you are driving the vehicle that is not yours or you don’t own. Geico has non owner liability insurance policy for people who rent vehicles frequently and they want to avoid paying rental car company liability policy. When you are doing a Geico review you have to check limitations of non- owner policy and you should compare it with your preferred car rental company coverage. This information is beneficial for you as you can use this information to determine which policy is best for you and meets your needs. Geico non owner car insurance protects your medical, life and automobile coverages at cheap rates.

GEICO non owner car insurance policy Quote and details

GEICO Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy Quote

How does GEICO non owner car insurance works.

  • Non owner policies vary from state to state also non owner car insurance is not available in every state, but main and general concept of working of this insurance policy is same.
  • They cover the independent driver of a specific car or vehicle.
  • For example if you borrow your friend’s car and you mate with an accident, In this case friend’s auto insurance pays claim for the damage.
  • But he or she who owns the car faces higher premiums. Hence if you have non owner insurance policy then your insurance pays for the damages and your friend doesn’t have to deal with problems which are created by your mistakes.
  • This policy covers medical payments and uninsured or underinsured motorists but they do not pay for items like collision, towing or rental reimbursement and comprehension coverage.
  • A non owner policy from Geico can protect you from penalties which are related with gap in auto coverage.
  • You can easily switch your non owner policy to standard or traditional auto insurance policy if you later decided to own a vehicle and Geico helps you to quickly deal with this process.

What is GEICO non owner policy?

A non owner policy is nothing but cheap car insurance which is alternative to regular car insurance policy. Its cost depends on various factors such as how much coverage you would like and also your driving history is required.

Geico also has non owner liability policies. Geico advises people to make sure that they do not have any coverage under their renter’s insurance policy or homeowners policy. Another option which Geico suggests is Umbrella policy which help people in different situations when they need to reduce liability which also includes renting a car.

Who needs GEICO Non owner car insurance?

Non owner car insurance is not required for everyone. This policy is not provided for people without licenses neither for those who have regular access to vehicle through roommate, family member or spouse.

Following factors are considered when you are purchasing a non-owner insurance policy.

  • If you frequently rent vehicles.
  • If you want to avoid coverage gaps.
  • If you drive a company vehicle which you don’t own.
  • If you need proof of insurance for application of driver’s license.

Also, company owner has option of purchasing commercial non owner policies for employees if employees drive their personal vehicles for their business purposes. The company may be considered liable for accident which occurs during working hours so even if employees have their own individual policies, they need to take care of their employees. Commercial non owner insurance offers more protection, or you can say additional layer of protection to both of them especially when traditional insurance policy of company does not cover vehicles policy that company is not owning. If you need to maintain coverage as result of DUI record or if you live in place or state that requires everyone who carry liability insurance should have license, then non owner policy is affordable to meet this demand of legal requirement. You pose low risk to insurance company, since you don’t have your own vehicle. So, your premium costs you less as compared to traditional policy but still manages to meet state’s mandatory minimum for liability insurance.

How to apply for non owner car insurance?

  • You can contact agent of Geico or Geico representative to discuss about your needs. 
  • The agent will ask you about your driving history and your current address where you live so that they could easily verify that there is no vehicle connected to your address.
  • Company also provides online quotes on GEICO website with various other policies, but not all of these quotes are equipped for non owner insurance policy.
  • So making a phone call is best step in getting or obtaining specifics about GEICO offerings.

GECO may provide rental cars coverage to find out you should call GEICO to check if rental cars are covered by your current insurance policy or not. You can also contact your credit card company, the card which you use to pay for car rental.

Additional coverage is provided by some credit cards but you should make sure you understand limits involved. Many credit cards provide additional insurance coverage but they limit amount of coverage and their type.

If you don’t have any car but still you need affordable car rental insurance you should ask your GEICO representative about non owner liability policy.

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