GEICO Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy Quote

Medical malpractice insurance policy coverage is provided by GEICO insurance company to all professionals and students according to the conditions and details of their working fields when they become holder of the GEICO medical malpractice insurance policy. Medical malpractice insurance helps you to protect yourself if you are healthcare and wellness professional. It helps you to protect yourself from various claims which are against you which may include the statements like you did not give proper treatment and health care or you made a mistake that lead to an injury and caused harm. GEICO knows your job of taking care of patients and taking care of your regular clients, GEICO provides the coverage for you which you really need. This medical malpractice insurance is provided by GEICO by teaming up with Berxi which is part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, so this makes easy for you to insure with GEICO almost in every state of USA. They provide you affordable coverage within minimum or cheap monthly premiums. They also provide you 24×7 access to your online account.

GEICO Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy Quote

Why to Choose GEICO for Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy?

GEICO and Berxi are working together for better insurance experience to be given to their policy holders since long period of time. Following are the points which make this policy different from any other policy provided in this field:

Financial stability

Berxi is part of insurance company which is known as Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company. This company is part of Berkshire Hathaway’s National Indemnity group of insurance companies, which hold A++ from AM Best and AA+ from standard and poor’s financial strength ratings.


Leading Claims Support: They have nationwide network of experience claims handlers and they will happily help you for your problems with rapid and fast process.

Simplified Experience

Berxi offers you instant access to your policy documents and they provide you 24×7 online account access.

They provide you instant and quality service and you will never regret with your decisions.

Who Needs GEICO Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy Coverage?

Medical malpractice insurance is needed for every healthcare and fitness professionals which includes Nursing students, Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Personal trainers, Gym trainers, Yoga instructors, Practical nurses which are licensed and many others who work in this field. This policy will help you to grow up your name and carrier without any interruptions in between. You worked in this field for many years and made your reputation so this policy allows you to maintain your reputation by providing protection of coverage against false claims of people or claims that are caused due to your mistakes. 

How to apply for GEICO Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy Quote

Firstly you have to visit official website of GEICO then you have to click on start quote option given on the page.

On next page you have to fill up details about your profession and state and you need to click on Get a Quote option. 

Then on next page you have to enter date from which you would like to begin your coverage, state information where you practice or attend school and  you have to select whether you want coverage for work as professional or student , and they will ask you further few questions on selecting whether you want coverage for professional work or student work depending on that. Also you have to enter your email address. Then you have to click on Get My Quote option.

On next page you will get information and details about your premiums and accordingly you can customize your liability.

Limits of GEICO Medical Malpractice Insurance and How it works?

There is little difference in Medical malpractice insurance limits comparing to your car insurance limits. Limits of medical malpractice are breakdown into two parts as shown below:

  • For each claim one million dollar is amount your policy will pay.
  • For each policy year three million is total amount your policy will cover you. 

How to manage your medical malpractice policy?

You can easily manage your policy whether you need to pay bill or you have to make changes in policy or you need to get some information about your policy you can contact GEICO customer service. If your policy is through Berxi then you can contact on 833 923 3001. Berxi call center is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM ET

For claiming coverage for your policy, you can email on or you can call on 855 453 9675

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